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Meet Dan Rambo

Dan Rambo knew that New Smyrna Beach was something special when he began visiting a couple times each year. Anytime he could take a quick vacation, he’d make the trip down from Maryland to enjoy the Florida sunshine. Dan fell a little more in love with our little beach town each time he visited. Combined with a passion for outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, fishing, surfing, and bike riding, the decision to make this his permanent home was an easy one. When his kids went off to college, he decided to buy a townhouse and move. As everything fell into place, he came across an ad for a business for sale. The previous owners had decided to move on from their candy store business, and Dan saw an opportunity. After a successful career as an accountant at a fortune 500 company, Dan was drawn to the prospect of running a small shop on a quaint, beachy street. He envisioned making each person to come through his door smile, and send them back out a little happier.

Since taking over Beachside Candy Co., Dan has witnessed Flagler Avenue blossom. More businesses have opened on his end of the street. Visitors to the area walk all the way from the river to the beach, strolling in and out of shops as they go. Dan enjoys his days at the candy store and the people that he meets each day from all over the world. His philosophy is that as a candy store owner, you always have to have a smile on your face. It is this outlook that leads him to go above and beyond for his customers. One of his fondest memories is the time that he was able to help two women who came to him in a panic. The women were the mothers of a bride and groom that were getting married that day, and they had a last-minute emergency. The wedding favors that they had ordered did not get delivered! Dan provided the women with everything they needed – candy hearts, assorted treats, bags that were leftover from Valentine’s Day, and complete reign over his countertops for a few hours so that they could assemble over 200 goodie bags for their guests. Dan was so happy that he could help solve this problem without the bride ever even knowing that there was a hitch.

Since moving to New Smyrna Beach, Dan has gotten involved with the community. He is active in the NSB Surfari club, which raises money for scholarships for New Smyrna Beach High School. Dan can always be found participating in the club’s surf contests. He has become a mentor to the young surfers, affectionately called “groms,” and has known many of them since they were 6 years old, watching them grow into young men. Dan’s main focus for the future is to continue to be a role model for his young friends, and to keep spreading smiles through his candy and ice cream. He neatly sums up his outlook for the future by quoting John Lennon; “all you need is love.”