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Sherri Williams is wildly creative, friendly, and very entertaining to talk to. Originally from Indiana, her eye for detail is evident in her personal style. From her perfectly coiffed hair – to her simple yet elegant accessories – she exudes fashion. It is obvious that she loves what she does. Throughout her 37 year career in the medical field, she never let go of her true passion; art, crafts, and jewelry design. She continuously found new art projects to work on and learned new ways to create and express herself. It has always been her favorite way to spend her free time. Upon retiring seven years ago and relocating to New Smyrna Beach, Sherri found herself with ample time to spend on her hobby. Settling into what she refers to as the “adult kindergarten period of life,” Sherri spent her days making new friends, hanging out on the beach, enjoying NSB’s live music scene, and of course crafting. In addition to selling her creations online, Sherri participated in art festivals and held trunk shows. Her work quickly amassed a following. As word spread, she was met with larger crowds at each event. She dreamed of opening a physical location where she could be more available to her customers.Then one day Sherri’s daughter called; she had just attended a craft show in California, and had seen someone making jewelry out of maps. Sherri immediately realized what a great fit this would be for NSB. Visitors could take a piece of our little beach town home with them, in the form of a handmade piece of artwork. More motivated than ever, Sherri started looking for a storefront.

It wasn’t long before Sherri noticed the outdoor building next to the Flagler Avenue Coffee shop. Ever the opportunist, she found the owner’s name on a building permit posted out front and contacted him to see if he’d be willing to meet with her. A short time later, she sat with the owner – Jack – in the front corner of the coffee shop, and pitched her idea to him. While Jack had other plans for the outside building, he offered Sherri the very corner that they were sitting in. Sherri looked around at the coffee shop. Housed in a 1940’s Craftsman style, mail order ‘kit’ home with hardwood floors and quaint decor, she envisioned customers sipping their favorite coffee while they browsed her merchandise. Realizing that ‘bigger isn’t always better’ – and that the location would ensure a steady stream of customers – she jumped at the opportunity. Since opening Beachy Chic in October of 2018, the response has been remarkable. Everything has fallen into place; her business and the coffee shop have a symbiotic relationship. They each benefit from the traffic brought in from the others’ business – and Sherri loves having a space just blocks from the ocean.

Beachy Chic offers unique items that you won’t find anywhere else. Most of the inventory is made by hand, with each component lovingly chosen by Sherri herself. Her signature jewelry piece is a magnetic wrap which can be worn as either a bracelet or a necklace, offered in an assortment of colors. Each piece is crafted with care, using a variety of techniques that Sherri has perfected over the years. Prints are taken from vintage maps, and transferred onto a variety of watches, pillows, wallets & more. Custom orders are welcomed – allowing almost any photo to be turned into a personalized momento. It is Sherri’s hope that she can send visitors to Flagler Ave. home with a reminder of their time here – one that won’t simply sit on a shelf. She plans to continue to add new, interesting items to her collection in the future, and keep finding new ways to share her originality with those who shop at Beachy Chic.