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Anyone who loves shopping knows the feeling that you get when you find the perfect item. While wandering through a store – or feverishly pawing through a store display – when your eyes fall on the most beautiful shirt, the perfect everyday stylish dress, or the cutest pair of shorts that you immediately know will fit perfectly. At Look Charmed, this is the feeling that you have from the moment you walk through the door. Each rack and display is brimming with clothes and accessories that will make you look fabulous. The boutique’s owner, Zoe Neuner, says that this is the reason she looks forward to coming to work each day. She loves making her customers feel good, and helping them “channel their inner rock star.” She sees herself as an ambassador of Flagler Avenue, rather than just a shop owner. She happily offers her local perspective on the best places to visit, and activities to seek out while in New Smyrna Beach. She enjoys spending time connecting with the people that she gets to meet from all over the world, and truly wants them to have a great time in NSB.

Zoe has had an eye for fashion for as long as she can remember. She got started in the industry over 25 years ago, in the field of bridal apparel. After learning a lot, she decided to make the switch from the world of delicate lace to the bright, fun designs of kids clothing. While living in Texas, she developed her own clientele, and loved running her own shop for 18 years. Ready for a change, Zoe decided to sell her store and move. Having always loved small towns, it was important to her that she settle in a place with a big heart. She wanted to live where people look out for each other, and wave as they walk down the street. She sought out New Smyrna Beach for its charm, friendly neighbors and beautiful beaches. Zoe fit right in, quickly making friends and getting used to the beach lifestyle. She connected with the ‘SeaGals’ – a group of local women who do charity work, volunteer at homeless shelters, conduct litter cleanups, throw fundraisers, and other events. The ladies have a great time, and make new friends while contributing to worthy causes.

Content with her many friends, charity work and relaxing beach days, Zoe has her eye on retirement in the near future. She dreams of spending her time traveling, and enjoying the fruits of the thriving business she has built. Luckily, she knows that the shop will be well cared for once she decides to pass the baton. She has been grooming her replacement – Dana Atkinson – for quite some time. The story of how Zoe and Dana met is the definition of serendipity. During the Christmas season of 2017, Dana visited Flagler Avenue with five friends to celebrate her mom’s birthday. All of the ladies wore shirts that Dana had designed herself – part of her up-and-coming brand; Shell Chic. When they stopped in to browse at Look Charmed, Zoe absolutely loved the styles and cute sayings on their tops. She invited Dana to come back the following week to make arrangements to display her tops in the store. Their friendship quickly blossomed, and it was only a few months later that Zoe decided to offer her a position as manager. When you meet these ladies it is evident that they love what they do, and that they are the best of friends. Zoe will continue to be very involved with the shop after she retires, and you will still find the two of them working together most days. So stop in, discover your new favorite outfit and have a chat with Zoe and Dana.