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  • Terms & Conditions

  • Policy regarding content of commemorative bricks

    1. PURPOSE. Flagler Ave business Association has developed a Brick personalization program whereby FABA provides members of the public with the opportunity to engrave a brick with a personalized message for placement along the Flagler Avenue historical district within New Smyrna Beach. The brick personalization program is a fundraiser for FABA and the funds are utilized for FABA activities within that historical district.
    2. AUTHORITY. The brick personalization program is authorized by the license agreement between FABA and the City of New Smyrna Beach.
    3. REVIEW. FABA board of directors will review each proposed engraving to ensure compliance with its written policy regarding content. The Board of Directors makes the final decision as to whether a particular engraving will be accepted or rejected according to their substantive policy. The purpose of this review is not to restrict but to ensure preservation of the integrity of the purpose of the memorial brick program
    4. PLACEMENT. The FABA board of directors retains the right to determine the placement of each personalized brick within the Flagler Avenue historical district, however. Upon approval and receipt of the personalized engraved Brick, a FABA representative will cause the placement of the brick within the historical district. Once placed, the brick shall become a permanent part of the sidewalk maintained by the City of New Smyrna Beach. Neither FABA nor the City of New Smyrna Beach is responsible for the replacement of damaged bricks, for the cleaning of lettering/symbols contained thereon, or for the variation in the color of the lettering on any brick. FABA shall be considered the owner of the brick once placed within the historical district.
    5. CONTENT CRITERIA. The Brick program is designed to allow program participants to design a commemorative brick for placement along Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach. The Association has created a policy to allow Brick engraving appropriate for the inclusion of this project in order to preserve the integrity of the memorial brick program.
      • Appropriate brick inscriptions include the names of the donors and their immediate family including an official title, ie. Dr. or Jr.
      • Appropriate brick inscriptions may commemorate the death, birth, marriage, relocation, or wedding anniversary/engagement, of the donor or members of the donor’s family.
      • Symbols are limited to only one heart ♥, or one star ★ per brick.
      • Pet memorial bricks (with usual or unusual names) will each be reviewed at the time of application.

    FABA Board of Directors has made every effort to provide a program that can be rewarding to both our locals and visitors to enjoy. Please help us preserve the integrity of Flagler Avenue as we move forward with the brick project. This policy takes effect on November 1, 2019, and is subject to future change as the Board of Directors may deem necessary.